White Horse Mountain, from Old School Park, Darrington, WA

Everett, Washington's roots go back to the days of big timber, and big dreams. The rich timber resources of the Pacific Northwest brought in skilled woodsmen from all across the nation, and they found ready employment and adventure in Washington's big woods. One of these was my great grandfather, who left Minnesota forests to work and establish a family in Everett, WA.

Incorporated May 4th, 1893, the Everett waterfront was soon clogged with floating logs, as timber mills readied giant Douglas Fir and Western Cedar logs for transport across the nation via the railroads. Shortly thereafter, several paper mills were built to utilize the ready supply of paper pulp.

Many fishing boats made Everett their home port; arriving with tonnes of salmon from coastal fisheries, leading all the way from Alaska. We still have fish processing happening along the waterfront, but it's a smaller version of the industry that built once the city.

Everett still draws new residents, now with an eye towards working with technology companies, such as Boeing. The wooded hills continue to grow some of the finest timber in the nation, and our salmon is still renowned as world class. Today's dreamers are leaders in technology, engineering, and medicine, while they still take to the deep woods for excellent fishing, boating, and hiking on their off hours. They make their home port the city of Everett, and we hope you will, too.